Ramen Burger at Smorgasburg

I WANT S’MORE……gasburg (bad pun) FOOD!!!10505476_10204158941194566_3819126679397583935_n

Okay, pardon the bad jokes…..But for real, if you’ve ever been to New York, then you’ve definitely heard of Smorgasburg! There are many locations around New York  City, but the one I went to was the one in Williamsburg. It’s open every Saturday 11am-6pm rain or shine with about 100 vendors! The ever so famous RAMEN BURGER is also a vendor here, so if you’re a foodie and if you’ve had the ramen burger on your list, then check it out here to taste the original! The burger itself is pretty small, a bit pricey, but the flavor is definitely worth it! People wait hours for this burger and the smell of the burgers will for sure leave you drooling, but once you get to the front of the line, you’ll understand why you waited so long!


90 Kent Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211


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