Winter 2015 DineLA: Blue Plate Oysterette

Hey all! It has been a while since I have posted, so I’m going to try and post every now and then! I’m a little (jk, a lot!) behind for all the DineLA posts, but here it is! I went with my friend Tony to Blue Plate Oysterette in Santa Monica for lunch some time this past January. We started off with the Chef’s daily prepared crudo and the Butternut Squash Soup. Both were amazing, and the sauce for the crudo was literally on fleek! I’m pretty sure I licked the plate after…but discreetly because well. People. The soup was amazing as well, and there were bits of shrimp, so who can complain?

DineLA Special Crudo and Butternut Squash Soup

Main course? Of course we got the California Lobster Roll with a side of fries. Keep in mind that Tony and I went to Boston for a couple of days during the summer of 2014, so we’d like to say that we’ve know “the good stuff” when it comes to lobster rolls, having tasted them from eastcoast! Okay, well, we may not be the best critics, but we definitely have very high expectations when it comes to lobster rolls now. I mean, unless you brutally murder the roll, you’re going to have something that is pretty darn good. I am not going to completely complain, but I would like to share that the lobster roll you see here was a lot smaller than it looks.

Lobster Roll with a side of fries

And in terms of the portion of lobster, it was not nearly as much as what we got in Boston. For example, at Neptune Oyster, they literally had full pieces of lobster that stacked well beyond the roll itself! Literally falling out of the roll so that we would have an extra meal right after! Other than that, the taste was on point and I was a fully and happy camper. Also, we have to consider that it was from the DineLA menu, so the serving size was probably customed to that particular menu. So yeah! It’s tough criique food when I honestly love eating almost everything…until next time!


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